Biofuel Qualifications


Our aim during 2017 is to develop Biofuel qualifications. Thiese will be an NVQ level 1 and 2 to provide a structured learning platform covering all aspects of Biofuel. (Biodiesel, Solar energy, Biomass etc.)

We are currently looking to form a long term alliance with like minded companies involved in the biofuel industries to create an all round group presentation to interested parties to geoff-bfs-certificateeducate employees, students or groups interested to learn.


Enquiries to Geoff Baker – Sales Director


It is envisaged that schools, colleges and government institutions will be able to integrate our NVQ’s within existing courses or provide a stand-alone educational award.
The level 2 NVQ will include on site demonstrations of equipment to provide practical student participation.
Organisations interested in Biofuel qualifications should contact Geoff Baker for further discussion.