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Case Study

A uniquely engaging, interesting and educational
initiative; recycling used cooking oil produced on-site
into high quality biodiesel fuel for use in vehicles and
grounds keeping machinery.

  • Fantastic extra-curricular student activity
  • Recycling Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from school canteens on-site, turning a
    waste stream into ultra low carbon biofuel
  • Biodiesel produced used to run school mini-bus and other diesel powered
  • A positive, genuine green initiative
  • Fuel cost – 20p per litre

About the Project
The College prides itself on the breadth of the educational experience that it offers its students, an experience that prepares them for the rest of their adult lives. With climate change and energy security looking to grow in importance throughout the students lifetime, making biodiesel with the fuelpod®2 offers a practical and engaging way to explain the issues.